As a long-time start up executive and an active advisor to several start ups, I've got a keen sense of what counts in the early-stage marketing mix.  How does your brand stack up?  We'll schedule regular sessions to review your marketing challenges and come up with solutions that work.  We will also establish a roadmap for you grow your business and create a brand story that will guide your creative teams and ideas to growth. 


With over 15 years building and launching ecommerce platforms and marketing programs, I love working with partners to build out and launch new platforms. We dig into your unique selling proposition as well as develop a plausible acquisition and retention programs that map back to your budget and your goals. Developing an action plan that delivers results is what I'm best known for.  My clients will tell you, I work fast because I've learned that getting something into market is the only way to know if it works.  Design. Execute. Launch. Analyze. Optimize. Rinse. Repeat.  


With over 20 years building teams and leading marketing efforts, I do sometimes take on the role and come into a company for a long-term project and really own the marketing function.  I create the program, I hire the team, I manage the board, I source and secure the outsourced partners -- I do whatever it takes to get the job done while evaluating what works and then I develop an action plan that delivers results.  For these projects, there is a minimum committment of six months and typically they run nine to twelve months.  


Digital Branding Bootcamp

How does your brand stack up in the digital space:  we’ll look at competitors and what makes them successful.  We will also establish personas and values for you hold on to as you grow your business, and create a brand idea that will guide your creative teams and ideas to growth.  We then codify your brand and style guide and start using it across all your marketing channels. 

Program Analysis > Competitive Set Review > Brand Ideation > Client Persona

Digital Strategy Bootcamp

We all feel like we have to jump on the bandwagon before we really think through if it is necessary.  In this session we will do an internal and external audit of your existing channels, determine their effectiveness in your marketing mix.  We will then facilitate a brainstorming with your team to look at alternatives, new opportunities and ensure you and your team are aligned and on strategy for the next phase of execution. We will then synthesize our plans and present an action plan for the team – or help you find outsourced partners to get the job done.'

Program Audit & Data Review > Innovation Brainstorming > Synthesis & Action Plan


Developing talent is expensive and time consuming – and retaining marketing superstars is key to ensuring success for the future of your company.  Long-term outsourcing to agencies and consultants isn't a great idea (yes I'll fire myself when it is time!) Why do all the hard work and let your competitors take that knowledge base?  The cost to rebuilding is enormous, not the mention the time.  This executive coaching program is designed to help you develop a winning marketing team – as well as understand the key drivers of retaining your team leaders in the future. 

Marketing Leadership Training > Executive Coaching > Retention Programs